Chain Conveyor for Mexican Paper Mill,Great Transportation Capabilities Chain Conveyor    

Chain Conveyor for Mexican Paper Mill

Our company’s great transportation capabilities Chain Conveyors are being shipped to paper mills in Mexico. The Chain Conveyor is the beginning of the waste paper recycling project and is also an urgent need. The customer’s new paper making project lacks waste paper transportation equipment like this, so he chooses to place an order with our company. Our company will transport Chain Conveyor as soon as possible without affecting the customer’s normal use.


The Chain Conveyor is equipped with a weighing system and is mainly applied to transport waste paper and pulp boards in waste paper recycling projects for subsequent pulping and papermaking. The Chain Conveyor can be transported horizontally or tilted, but the maximum tilt angle is 30 degrees. Our Chain Conveyor is simple to operate and energy-saving. It is a waste paper transportation equipment worth buying!


Leizhan can provide pulping equipment and paper making machinery and their spare parts in paper making projects. We are the leading paper making machinery manufacturer in China. Please feel free to purchase our products. Leizhan welcomes you!