Chain Conveyor Delivery Site for Kazakh Customer,Equipments for Recycling Waste Paper    

Chain Conveyor Delivery Site for Kazakh Customer


The Kazakh customer purchased pulping equipment from Leizhan, and the main equipment ordered is chain conveyor. Chain conveyor is mainly used to transport various kinds of pulp boards and waste paper in bundles or in bulk, which is a high quality conveyor machine in pulp making line. Deliveried details are below.

Main Details of Chain Conveyor to Kazakhstan

Deliveried time: January 7, 2023
Ordered machine: chain conveyor
Deliveried machine: chain conveyor and supporting accessories


Leizhan is an excellent supplier of paper making machinery, which can provide high-quality chain conveyor for paper mills. Chain conveyor has advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, low motor power and reliable operation. If you are interested in it, please contact us to inquire about the price. Email: