Broken Pulper for Paper Pulping Machine,Paper Pulp Production Line for Sale    

Broken Pulper for Paper Pulping Machine

Broken pulper is a machine launched by Leizhan to help reduce the cost of paper mills. It is used to process broken paper generated in various paper machine press part, calender and other positions. It adopts an optimized rotor shape, which can achieve high turbulence effect with the lowest power consumption and can effectively break up broken paper.

More Details of Broken Pulper

Width of the chest: 2500-8000mm
Pulp consistency: 3-5%
Screen hole size: 10-24mm
Motor power: 45-630kw


Broken pulper has become a new trend in the field of pulp processing due to its environmental protection and high efficiency. Leizhan Company has been committed to the research and development of advanced pulp processing equipment. Welcome to contact us for cooperation. Email: