Broken Pulper for Paper Making Machine Part,Fine and Advanced Broken Pulper for Paper Mill    

Broken Pulper for Paper Making Machine Part

The Broken Pulper is essentially a large vessel designed to break down and repulp paper scrap into a usable pulp form. It functions by combining water with the paper waste, mechanically agitating the mixture to disintegrate the fibers and separate contaminants such as inks and coatings. This process transforms the scrap into a homogeneous pulp suitable for further processing.


Benifit of Broken Pulper

1. By repulping paper scraps, the Broken Pulper enables the recycling of waste material back into the production process, reducing environmental impact and conserving resources.
2. The resultant pulp from the Broken Pulper serves as a fundamental raw material for the paper machine section, where it undergoes further refinement before being formed into sheets.
3. Effective screening and separation within the pulper ensure that unwanted materials such as plastics, metals, and other non-fiber contaminants are removed, preserving the quality of the final paper product.


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