Doctor Holder Provided by Paper Company

The Doctor Holder provided by our paper company is used to control the scraper on the paper machine and remove excess fibers from the surface of the pulp. The design and performance directly affect the quality and efficiency of the paper making process.

Arc Screen to Recover Fiber in Paper Industry

Arc Screens are essential components in the process of fiber recovery within paper mills in paper industry. It can efficiently separate fibers from pulp suspensions, ensuring that valuable fibers are retained for reuse in the paper making process.

Pulp Refiner Machine Doule Disc Refiner

Pulp refiner machine is crucial in the paper production process, where raw materials are rigorously processed to achieve desired properties such as smoothness, strength and consistency. Leizhan's Doule Disc Refinerr has very efficient pulp processing capabilities.

30tpd High-grade Fine Paper Making Machine

The fine paper making machine is a complex assembly of specialized components and processes tailored specifically for the production of premium-quality paper. The machine is optimized to handle fine paper grades with exceptional precision and consistency.

M.C. Pressure Screen in Pulp Making Process

M.C. Pressure Screen is designed to separate impurities and undesirable elements from pulp at medium consistency levels. M.C. Pressure Screens handle thicker pulp that is more concentrated, enhancing efficiency and reducing water consumption in the screening process.

Paper Mill Calender for Paper Machine

Paper mill calender is important in the paper production process, playing a key role in improving the surface properties of paper. It applies pressure and heat to the paper surface, helping to smooth out any imperfections and create a more uniform finish.

Great Effective Reject Separator

The Reject Separator is employed in paper mills specifically designed to remove light impurities from pulp during the initial stages of processing. These impurities may include plastics, waxes, and other lightweight materials.

Ragger for Pulp Making Line

The Ragger is a mechanical device used in pulp making line specifically designed to remove tangled impurities from the pulp. These impurities can include ropes, plastics, wires, and other materials that find their way into the pulp during the recycling or pulping process.

200tpd Cardboard Paper Machine Project for Sale

Cardboard paper machine is essential pieces of industrial equipment used in the manufacturing of cardboard. It plays a crucial role in the production process, turning raw materials into finished products that are used for packaging, shipping, and other applications.