Arc Screen to Recover Fiber in Paper Industry,Paper Recycling Machine Arc Screen    

Arc Screen to Recover Fiber in Paper Industry

Arc Screens are precision-engineered sieves or screens that utilize a curved, arc-shaped design. This design allows them to effectively filter and separate fibers of varying sizes from the pulp suspension. As the suspension flows over the screen surface, fibers are captured while water and smaller particles pass through, enabling the recovery of fibers that would otherwise be lost in traditional filtration methods.


Features about Arc Screen

1. Arc Screens are designed for high throughput with minimal clogging, ensuring continuous operation and maximizing fiber recovery rates.
2. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different pulp types and processing requirements, offering flexibility in application.
3. By selectively retaining fibers based on size and quality, Arc Screens contribute to maintaining or enhancing the quality of recycled fibers used in paper production.
4. Built with durable materials and engineered for reliability, Arc Screens require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.


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