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Agitator for Guangxi Paper Company

Leizhan efficient and powerful Agitator play a vital role in paper production. Not only do they effectively mix pulp and additives, they also ensure uniform paper texture and high strength, thereby improving production line operation efficiency and the quality of the final product. The Guangxi paper company chose our company’s Agitator and fully trusted our technical strength and product performance.


In order to ensure the smooth delivery of orders, we are actively arranging loading and logistics. Our logistics team will rationally arrange transportation plans based on customer needs and transportation distance, and strictly control the loading process to ensure that products are not damaged during transportation. At the same time, we will maintain close communication with the customer and promptly provide transportation progress so that customers can be ready to receive the Agitator.


Leizhan sincerely thanks everyone for their trust and support in our company. We look forward to witnessing the smooth completion of orders and the happy development of cooperation with you!