Advanced Pulping Machine Eccentric Pulper,Waste Paper Pulping Machine Eccentric Pulper    

Advanced Pulping Machine Eccentric Pulper

One of the primary functions of the Eccentric Pulper is to process waste paper collected from various sources. This can include used newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, and office paper waste. By soaking the waste paper in water and subjecting it to the mechanical action of the rotor, the Eccentric Pulper disintegrates the paper fibers, separating them from contaminants like ink and coatings.


In addition to waste paper, the Eccentric Pulper is also capable of pulping virgin pulp board, which is a key component in the paper making process. By breaking down the pulp board into a slurry-like consistency, the Eccentric Pulper prepares the material for further processing in the paper mill. This versatility allows paper manufacturers to incorporate both recycled and virgin fibers in their paper products.


As demand for recycled paper products continues to grow, eccentric pulpers remain an important tool in moving towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly paper production process. Welcome to contact us for more details of pulping machines!