80-150gsm Corrugated White Board Paper Machine,Corrugated White Board Paper Machine for Sale    

80-150gsm Corrugated White Board Paper Machine

Leizhan’s corrugated white board paper machine is famous of its high efficiency and speed, enabling manufacturers to produce corrugated cardboard at a rapid pace. The white board paper machine is also highly customizable, allowing for the production of corrugated cardboard of different thicknesses and strengths, catering to various packaging needs. Additionally, the white board paper machine is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy for operators to adjust and maintain the production process.


More Details about White Board Paper Machine

Paper type: corrugated paper, white board paper
Net paper width: 4400mm
Gram weight: 80-150gsm
Output: 250tpd
Gauge: 5700mm
Transmission mode: AC AC variable frequency drive


In the field of paper machinery manufacturing, Leizhan is a model of excellence. With decades of rich innovative technologies, Leizhan continues to push the boundaries of technology and provide customers with the most advanced solutions. Welcome to contact us for more information!
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