70tpd Small Output Kraft Paper Machine for Sale,Kraft Paper Machine for Small Paper Mill    

70tpd Small Output Kraft Paper Machine for Sale

Our company’s small output kraft paper machine is more suitable for use by small paper mills or manufacturers with small paper making needs. At the heart of our kraft paper machine lies a commitment to uncompromising quality. Every roll of paper produced bears the hallmark of superior craftsmanship, meeting the most rigorous industry standards. From the selection of premium raw materials to the precision manufacturing process, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our products exceed expectations.


More Details of Kraft Paper Machine

Paper type: Kraft paper, packaging paper
Trimmed width: 3400mm
Capacity: 70t/d
Basis weight: 100-200g/㎡
Design speed: 200m/min
Working speed: 150m/min


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