5200mm CardBoard Paper Making Machine,Supply CardBoard Making Machine for Every Paper Mill    

5200mm CardBoard Paper Making Machine

The cardboard paper making machine boasts advanced technology and automation capabilities that streamline the manufacturing process and enhance production efficiency. From pulp preparation to paper formation and drying, the cardboard paper making machine operates seamlessly to ensure consistent quality and uniformity in the cardboard paper output. The precision control systems and monitoring tools integrated into the machine enable manufacturers to optimize production parameters, minimize waste, and maximize resource utilization, paving the way for cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions.


CardBoard Paper Making Machine Data

Main products: High-strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper
Quantitative range: 70-180g/m2
Trimmed width: 5200mm
Production capacity: 400t/d (110g, 500m)
Working speed: 500-550m/min
Design speed: 600m/min
Dynamic balance speed: 700m/min
Roller dynamic balance speed: 2000m/min
Crawling speed: 25m/min
Wire width: 5800mm
Head box lip width: 5600mm
Gauge: 6400mm (determined by final design)


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