4600/450 Fluting/Testliner Paper Machine,Good Quality Corrugated/Kraft Paper Making Line    

4600mm Fluting/Testliner Paper Machine


Leizhan has been committed to the development and manufacture of fluting/testliner paper machine for many years. Recently, the demand for flutng/testliner paper has increased, and many paper mills have added fluting/testliner paper making line. Therefore, our company manufactures 4600 fluting/testliner paper machine to improve the production efficiency of paper mills.

Detail of 4600mm Testliner Paper Machine

Paper grades: Fluting/Testliner Paper
Basis weight range: 90~180 g/m²
Design basis weight: 120 g/ m²
Production (100% efficiency): 322 t/24h
Wire width: 5100 mm
Paper width on reel: 4660 mm
Paper width on winder: 4600 mm
Design Speed: 500 m/min
Drive speed: 450 m/min


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