4400mm High Strength Corrugated Paperboard Machine,Large Capacity Fluting Paper Machine    

4400mm High Strength Corrugated Paperboard Machine

Leizhan has always been committed to continuous technological innovation to meet the growing needs of customers. The design with a trimmed width of 4400mm allows this machine to produce wider cardboard to meet large packaging needs. At the same time, its daily output is as high as 250tpd, which means it can mass-produce high-quality corrugated cardboard in a short time, providing customers with efficient solutions.

More Details of Corrugated Paperboard Machine

Paper type: high strength corrugated paperboard
Trimmed width: 4400mm
Basis weight: 80-150gsm
Working speed: 350-400m/min
Design speed: 400m/min
Daily capacity: 250tpd
Gauge: 5700mm

Leizhan will continue to provide customers with better, more favorable and more efficient production solutions. If you need making paper, you can contact us at any time and Leizhan will design the most satisfactory solution and paper machine for you.
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