Underfeed Rewinder for Paper Production Line,Underfeed Rewinder for Sale    

4300mm Underfeed Rewinder for Paper Production Line

The rewinder is an important piece of equipment in the paper production line. It is mainly placed after the paper machine to rewind the finished paper roll. Place the full-width paper roll rolled on the paper machine on the unwinding frame of the rewinder and rewind it into a paper roll with a certain width, diameter and tightness. There are two types of rewinding machines: Underfeed Rewinder and Overfeed Rewinder.

Main Data of 4300mm Underfeed Rewinder

Paper weight: 80-150 (assessment weight: 120 grams) g/m2
Trimmed width: 4300mm
Design speed: 1200 m/min
Paper threading form: underfeed


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