4300mm Kraft Paper Making Machine,High Quality Kraft Paper Machine for Paper Mill    

4300mm Kraft Paper Making Machine


Our customer wants to set a kraft paper production line. Our company technicians designed 4300mm multi-cylinder paper machine according to the client’s requirements. This paper machine mainly uses LOCC as raw material to produce kraft paper with a trimmed width of 4300mm. Beside this type of paper machine, our company can also provide other types of paper machine and spare parts to make kraft paper, corrugated paper, cultural paper, and tissue paper etc., welcome to consult us.

Information of 4300mm Kraft Paper Machine

Raw material: LOCC
Main products:Kraft paper
Productivity:278T/D(300m/min, 150g/m2)
Quantitive range:100-300g/m2
Net paper width:4300mm
Design speed:350m/min
Working speed: 300m/min


Leizhan has offered pulp and paper making machine for many paper mills at home and abroad. We strives to provide customers with mature and reliable, economical and reasonable paper production line solutions with advanced concepts and technologies. Contact us for details. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com