3800 Kraft Paper Machine for Paper Plant,Kraft Paper Machine Supplier and Manufacturer    

3800 Kraft Paper Machine for Paper Plant

The kraft paper machine with the trimmed width of 3800mm is a high-efficiency kraft paper production equipment customized by Leizhan according to customer requirements. It has advanced technology, high production efficiency and good paper output quality. The headbox is used for sizing, and the slurry is evenly distributed to ensure that the paper has good tensile strength.

3800 Kraft Paper Machine Information

Net paper width: 3800mm
Gauge: 4800mm
Output: 150tpd
Design speed: 300m/min
Working speed: 200-250m/min


As a provider of machinery for the paper industry, Leizhan provides paper machines with different specifications and parameters for paper mills to ensure that the quality of paper production meets market demand. Contact us for inqury. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com