3600mm Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Machine,Corrugated Paper Machine for Sale    

3600mm Fourdrinier Corrugated Paper Machine


This machine is mainly used to produce corrugated paper. Now more many paper mills produce corrugated paper. Our company manufactures whole set of corrugated paper machine to improve the production efficiency of paper mills. If you want to own a corrugated paper production line, welcome to contact us for professional help.


3600mm Fourdrinier Multi-cylinder Paper Machine Details


Major Product: High Strength Corrugated Paper
Quantitative Range: 80-200g/m2
Trim Width: 3600mm
Productivity: 150t/d
Working Speed: 200-300m/min
Design Speed: 350m/min
Crawl Speed: 25m/min
Wire Width: 4100mm
Headbox Lip Width: 3950mm
Guage: 4800mm


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