Packaging Paper Machine Production System,Kraft and Duplex Paper Machine for Sale    

3200mm Packaging Paper Machine Production System

A Kraft Packaging Paper Machine is designed to produce kraft paper, a robust and resilient type of paper known for its strength and durability. This Kraft Packaging Paper Machine utilizes the Kraft process, a chemical pulping method that produces paper with superior tensile strength and durability, making it ideal for packaging applications.


Parameter of Packaging Paper Machine

Output paper: Liner paper, packaging paper, kraft paper
Net of width: 3200mm
Track gauge: 4200mm
Weight: 300-500gsm
Design speed: 100m/min
Working speed: 50-80m/min


The Kraft Packaging Paper Machine production system represents a significant advancement in the field of paper manufacturing, providing robust and sustainable solutions for the packaging industry. Its ability to produce high-strength, versatile paper makes it essential for meeting the demands of modern packaging while supporting sustainable manufacturing practices.