3200mm Kraft Liner Paperboard Machine,Small Capacity Kraft Liner Paperboard Machine    

3200mm Kraft Liner Paperboard Machine

This kraft liner paperboard machine adopts advanced technology and technology, combined with an automated control system, to achieve intelligent operation and precise production. It has excellent durability and stability, and can operate stably for a long time. And we have also comprehensively considered and designed the safety and environmental protection of our products to ensure that the products are safe and reliable during the production process.

Data of Kraft Liner Paperboard Machine

Paper type: kraft liner paperborad
Net paper width: 3200mm
Basis weight: 300-500gsm
Design speed: 100m/min
Working speed: 50-80m/min
Capacity: 80tpd
Gauge: 4200mm
Transmission mode: AC

We believe kraft liner paperboard machine will become an indispensable and important equipment for your production line, helping you achieve greater production advantages and market competitiveness.
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