30T/18H Fluting Paper Pulp Preparation Equipment,Waste Paper Recycling Machine Provider    

30T/18H Fluting Paper Pulp Preparation Equipment

The demand for fluting paper is growing, and the market competition for fluting paper is becoming more intense. How to produce high-quality fluting paper is the key to winning in this competition. Leizhan Company can provide paper manufacturers with high-quality pulping equipment to ensure the quality of pulp, which is the key to producing good paper products. The following is the details of fluting paper pulp making line provided by Leizhan.

30T/18H Fluting Paper Pulping Line Details

Raw material: LOCC
Pulping equipment: D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, First stage mid consistency coarse screen, Reject separator, Low density cleaner, Mid consistency fine screen,Double disc refiner, Inflow pressure screen


Leizhan uses advanced technology to produce various pulp production equipment to provide equipment support for improving the quality of paper produced by paper mills. If you need pulp making machines, welcome to choose Leizhan. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com