280T/D Corrugated Paper Machine for Paper Mill,Corrugated Paper Production Line    

280T/D Corrugated Paper Machine for Paper Mill

A paper mill wants to use OCC as raw material to produce corrugated paper with an output of 280t/d. Leizhan provides customer with economical and reasonable corrugated paper machine solutions based on the basic conditions required by customer and comprehensive practical experience in manufacturing similar types of paper machines.

Information of 280T/D Corrugated Paper Machine

Main products: high corrugated paper
Output: 280T/D (based on 350m/min, 140g/m2)
Paper width on reeling machine: 4360mm
Net paper width: 4300mm
Working speed: 300-370m/min


Leizhan Company has more than 40 years of pulp and paper making history and rich experience. We can provide pulp production lines and paper production lines of kraft paper, corrugated paper, household paper, cultural paper, etc. If you are interested, please contact us. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com