2800mm Printing Paper Making Machine Supplier,Top Quality Printing Paper Making Machine    

2800mm Printing Paper Making Machine Supplier

We know the importance of consistency and precision in paper production, especially when it comes to printing papers. Our printing paper making machine is equipped with advanced technology and innovative features to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of the machine. The printing paper making machine has high-speed capabilities, allowing for the quick and efficient production of printing papers without compromising on quality.


Specification of Printing Paper Making Machine

Paper type: cultural paper
Net paper width: 2880mm
Gram weight: 60-90gsm
Design speed: 120m/min
Working speed: 80-100m/min
Crawling speed: 25m/min
Capacity: 90tpd
Gauge: 4000mm


We are confident that our printing paper making machine and other paper and pulp machine will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers in the paper manufacturing industry. Please contact me for more details!
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