2640mm Fourdrinier Multi-Cylinder Decorative Base Paper Machine,Machine for Paper Mill    

2640mm Fourdrinier Decorative Base Paper Machine

Decorative base paper is a specialty paper used to create a high-quality finish on wood materials. One of Leizhan’s customers wanted to produce decorative base paper, and Leizhan’s professional team customized 2640/300 fourdrinier multi-Cylinder decorative base paper machine according to the customer’s requirements.

Details of 2640mm Decorative Base Paper Machine

Net paper width: 2640mm
Working speed: 300m/min
Basis weight of papermaking: 50~90g/m2 (calculated basis weight is 60 g/m2)
Production capacity: 68t/d
Arrangement form: double layer arrangement
Wire width: 3200mm


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