2500mm Overfeed Rewinder for Paper Roll,Paper Making Equipment for Sale    

2500mm Overfeed Rewinder for Paper Roll

Overfeed rewinder is an innovative machine designed by Leizhan engineers to rewind large paper rolls into paper rolls of different thicknesses, widths and lengths. 2500mm overfeed rewinder is suitable for rewinding finished paper with a net paper width of 2500mm and a basis weight of 100-250g/m².

More Information of 2500mm Overfeed Rewinder

Net paper width: 2500mm
Quantitty: 100-250g/m²
Designed speed: 900m/min
Maximum diameter of finished paper roll: ∮1500mm


Leizhan Company provides a complete set of pulping and paper making equipment to paper manufacturers. These machines help paper mills produce high-quality paper. Leizhan looks forward to cooperating with more paper mills. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com