2500mm Corrugated Paper Machine for Paper Mill,Corrugated Paper Making Project    

2500mm Corrugated Paper Machine for Paper Mill

Leizhan Company designed the latest corrugated paper machine based on customer needs and combined with many practical experiences, with the trimmed width of 2500mm. Leizhan’s corrugating machines help customers manufacture high-quality corrugated paper at lower cost. More machine details are as follows:

Details of 2500mm Corrugated Paper Machine

Trimmed width:2500mm
Designed speed: 300m/min
Working speed:150-280m/min
Guage: 3600mm

Leizhan Company’s unremitting pursuit of technological progress and innovative design is reflected in this corrugated paper machine. Leizhan treats customer needs with the most efficient and serious working attitude. Welcome more paper mills to cooperate with us. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com