200tpd Cardboard Paper Machine Project for Sale,Export High Quality Cardboard Paper Machine    

200tpd Cardboard Paper Machine Project for Sale

Our company provides and sells the entire cardboard paper machine project. The cardboard paper machine operates by taking raw materials like wood pulp or recycled paper and transforming them into sheets of cardboard. This process typically involves several stages, including pulping, pressing, drying, and cutting, which are all carried out by the machine’s various components.


Specification of Cardboard Paper Machine

Paper grade: high strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper
Trimmed width: 4200mm
Capacity: 200tpd
Gram weight: 80-150gsm
Working speed: 300-350m/min
Design speed: 350m/min
Wire width: 4500mm
Gauge: 5300mm
Transmission mode: AC AC variable frequency drive


Cardboard paper machine is an important tool in the manufacturing industry and helps to meet the needs of cardboard packaging materials. If you have any needs in this regard, you can contact us at any time, we are always waiting to hear from you.
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