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200T T-Paper Making Project in Jordan


A Jordanian customer has launched a new 200 tons T-paper project with OCC as raw material. After a detailed understanding of Leizhan’s products, they finally signed a contract with Leizhan for a complete set of pulping equipment. The following are the equipment details of the waste paper pulping line for this project.

The Pulping Machine Details of 200T T-paper Project

Pulper machine: H.C. hydrapulper, D type hydrapulper, ragger, rope cutter, grapple
Cleaner machine: high density cleaner, low density cleaner
Conveyor and agitator machine: chain conveyor, agitator, pulp pump
Screening machine: M.C. pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, drum screen, vibrating screen, hydrapurger, light impurity separator, reject separator


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