High Quality Living Paper Making Machine,Living Paper Making Machine in Paper Making Line    

1760mm High Quality Living Paper Making Machine

Our company can provide complete living paper production lines, and the high-quality construction of this living paper making machine ensures reliable performance and durability. Made from durable materials and equipped with precision components, this living paper making machine is built to last and deliver consistent results day after day. With user-friendly controls and automated features, you can streamline your production process and minimize downtime, increasing overall efficiency and productivity.


Main Data of Living Paper Making Machine

Paper type: tissue paper, living paper
Trimmed width: 1760mm
Basis weight: 13-30gsm
Design speed: 180m/min
Working speed: 140-170m/min
Daily capacity: 10tpd
Gauge: 2400mm
Transmission mode: AC frequency segment drive
Power: 34KW


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