1350mm Overfeed Rewinder for Paper Machine,Efficient Overfeed Rewinder in Paper Plant    

1350mm Overfeed Rewinder for Paper Machine

The overfeed rewinder is designed to handle large rolls of paper, allowing for continuous production without interruptions. The overfeed rewinder works by feeding the paper at a higher speed than the winding drum, which creates slack in the paper and prevents tension buildup. This helps to prevent paper breakage and ensures that the finished rolls are of high quality.


Specifications Of Overfeed Rewinder

Paper trimmed width: 1350mm
Base weight: 100-500g/m2
Working speed: 350m/min
Balance speed: 500m/min
Maximum original paper roll diameter:φ1800mm
Maximum finished paper roll diameter: φ1800mm
Lifting device: Hydraulic lift
Motor power: 18.5KW


Capable of handling a wide range of paper grades and thicknesses, the overfeed rewinder is a popular choice for paper mills producing a wide range of paper products. Contact us for more information.
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