5200mm CardBoard Paper Making Machine

Our company's cardboard paper making machines for every paper mill are specifically designed to produce board with enhanced strength, durability and flexibility, making them ideal for a variety of packaging applications.

D Type Hydrapulper in Pulping Process

The D Type Hydrapulper is suitable for processing various types of raw materials used in the pulp and paper industry. This flexibility makes it a valuable asset for pulping operations seeking to maximize productivity and quality across different feedstocks.

2200mm Fluting Paper Production Machine

The fluting paper production machine consists of a series of rollers and belts that feed the linerboard and medium paper through a heated process to form the characteristic wavy pattern of fluting paper, making it ideal for use in packaging materials.

Efficient Transportation Bale Opening Machine

The efficient transportation Bale Opening Machines serve as the initial gateway in the paper manufacturing process, where large bales of raw materials such as recycled paper, pulp, or fibers are efficiently opened and prepared for further processing.

Medium Output 200TPD Fluting Paper Machine

The medium output 200tpd fluting paper machine represents a significant technological advancement in the production of fluting paper—a vital material used in packaging and corrugated cardboard for paper making industry.

Competent Light Impurity Separator for Paper Mill

In the paper industry, handling the tail pulp and light impurities in the coarse screening stage is an important and tedious task. Our competent Light Impurity Separator is a powerful tool for paper mills to deal with tail pulp and light impurities.

Amazing Paper Pulping Equipment Double Disc Refiner

Double Disc Refiners are essential equipment in paper mills for the pulping process and improving the degree of refining of pulp fibers. It plays a crucial role in breaking down raw materials into a fine, homogenous pulp that is suitable for paper making.

Disc Thickener for Pulp Making Process

With the emphasis on resource utilization, the requirements for washing and concentration processes of low consistency pulp in paper industry have gradually increased. The Disc Thickener is used widely for pulp making process.

Precise Capture Grapple in Pulp Making Line

The precise capture grapple is key in pulp making line. It is equipped with a powerful gripping mechanism and hydraulic system, allowing the operator to easily manipulate the material, ensuring consistent feeding and optimal pulping performance.

Low Density Cleaner in Paper Field

Leizhan's Low Density Cleaner adopts the latest technology and is designed to efficiently clean pulp and improve production efficiency. Its unique design and advanced working principle enable it to effectively remove impurities and contaminants from pulp.