ZPH Series Mid Consistency Mixer,Mixer for Paper Pulp    

ZPH Series Mid Consistency Mixer

ZPH series mid consistency mixer is mainly used in mid consistency bleaching section of stock preparation process,which fully mixes chemicals ,steam and pulp.


  • 1. Mainly used in mid consistency bleaching section of stock preparation process, which fully mixes chemicals, steam and pulp.
  • 2. Adopt triple-blade rotor which helps in working efficiently. High Speed rotation of rotor makes stock fluidization and destroys fiber structure, so that reaches the best mixing result.
  • 3. Inner structure with spiral bar, avoiding stock detained in shell, reducing pressure losses.
  • 4. The rotation direction of rotor is perpendicular to the flow direction of stock, preventing bleaching agents from education and overflowing and saves chemicals.
  • 5. Directly connect after medium consistency pump, obviously energy saving.

Technical Data

Type Specification Proper Temperature( ℃) Consistency(%) WorkingPressure


Processing Capacity (1000r/min) Processing Capacity (1500r/min) Motor Power(kw)
ZPH21 ɸ100 ≦120 8-14 ≦0.6 50-80 80-120 7.5-11
ZPH22 ɸ150 160-170 160-260 11-12
ZPH23 ɸ200 180-270 300-420 22-37


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