Pneumatic Scraper, blade for paper making machine    

Pneumatic Scraper

Leizhan supply Double pneumatic single scraper, Double pneumatic double scraper, Yankee wrinkle scraper with pneumatic scraper for paper making machine.

Structure principle of Pneumatic Scraper:

  • The pneumatic blade is made of stainless steel. The Scraper device has three parts: Pneumatic thumb, scraper body and pendulous device.The core component is pneumatic thumb and it is connected to the blade body through shaft. Scraper body is used for fastening pneumatic thumb, and it must have enough rigidity and straightness. In order to better protect the roll surface, the blade need to reciprocate swing in a uniform speed.The swinging device has two types: pneumatic and electric. For the convenience of roll changing , you can add a cylinder rotation on the blade body to get more space.

Scraper type:

1. Double pneumatic single scraper
2. Double pneumatic double scraper
3. Yankee wrinkle scraper with pneumatic scraper

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