HXS Arc Screen for Paper PULP Treatment Line    

HXS Arc Screen

Arc screen mainly used in waste paper process line to recover fibers. Arc screen can fractionating and separating fibers. Leizhan offer whole set paper recycling line machine for paper making project.

HXS Arc Screen


  • 1. White water purification:
  • (1) White water purification of paper machine is used for spray water.
  • (2) Purification and reuse of press water of paper machine.
  • 2. Fiber fractionating:
  • (1) Fractionating of long and short fibers.
  • (2) Separation of large fiber bundles.
  • 3. Separation of fiber and filler:
  • (1) Washing the deinking pulp.
  • (2) Washing the coated broken pulp.
  • 4. Sewage treatment: remove solid suspended solids.

Technical Data

Type  HXS1  HXS2  HXS3
Area(m²) 1.26 2.52 3.78
Inlet Pulp pressure(Mpa) 0.15-0.25
Inlet pulp concentration (%) ≤2.5
Throughput(thicken pulp): m³/h 108-180 216-360 324-540
Screen slot(thicken pulp): mm 0.15-0.3
Screen slot(white water recovery): mm 0.05-0.2

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