Arc Screen to Recover Fiber in Paper Industry

Arc Screens are essential components in the process of fiber recovery within paper mills in paper industry. It can efficiently separate fibers from pulp suspensions, ensuring that valuable fibers are retained for reuse in the paper making process.

30tpd High-grade Fine Paper Making Machine

The fine paper making machine is a complex assembly of specialized components and processes tailored specifically for the production of premium-quality paper. The machine is optimized to handle fine paper grades with exceptional precision and consistency.

Ragger for Pulp Making Line

The Ragger is a mechanical device used in pulp making line specifically designed to remove tangled impurities from the pulp. These impurities can include ropes, plastics, wires, and other materials that find their way into the pulp during the recycling or pulping process.

H.C. Hydrapulper for Liner Paper Making Project

The H.C. Hydrapulper is the utilization of single-machine gap beating, which has widened its applicability across various paper types including cultural paper, toilet paper, white liner paper, and whiteboard paper making project.

Vibrating Screen for Coarse Screen in Paper Industry

Vibrating Screens are essential components in the coarse screening stage of paper and pulp making. These screens consist of a meshed surface that vibrates at high frequencies, allowing for the separation of larger particles from the pulp mixture.

Hydrapurger Applied in Paper Industry

The Hydrapurger applied in the paper industry for cleaning and purification of pulp. The Hydrapurger is designed to remove these impurities from the pulp, ensuring that the final paper product is of high quality and free from any unwanted substances.

30t New Writing Paper Making Machine

The new writing paper making machine applied for the cultural paper production line is designed to handle a wide range of writing paper grades, from lightweight and translucent paper to heavier and more textured varieties.

Fiber Deflaker for Paper Pulping Process

Fiber Deflakers play a crucial role in the paper pulping process, particularly in the production of toilet paper and cultural paper. It is designed to break down fiber bundles into individual fibers, resulting in a more uniform and consistent pulp mixture.

2250mm/10tpd Good Quality Cultural Paper Machine

Leizhan, a leading provider of paper making machinery can provide customers with good quality cultural paper machines, the paper produced by cultural paper machines can be used in calligraphy, painting, printing and other industries.

Broken Pulper for Pulp and Paper Making Line

The Broken Pulper is used for pulp and paper making line. By using the Broken Pulper, paper mills are able to efficiently break down and separate the fibers of recycled paper materials, making it easier to recycle and reuse the pulp for new paper products.

2800mm Printing Paper Making Machine Supplier

Our top quality printing paper making machine, designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency in the paper manufacturing industry.It's specifically engineered to produce high-quality printing papers that meet the needs of our customers.

Reeling Machine Ease of Operation

The reeling machine plays a key role in converting pulp raw material into finished rolled paper. Its main function includes extracting paper pulp from the head pulp cylinder and evenly distributing it on the roll to form a complete rolled paper product.