Pulping Line Equipment Agitator Shipped to Henan,Paper Recycling Machine for Sale    

Pulping Line Equipment Agitator Shipped to Henan

A regular customer from Henan needs to add new equipment and has chosen our company Leizhan again. The main equipment ordered this time is pulp chest agitator. At present, this machine has been successfully delivered to the customer.


The agitator is designed by Leizhan based on multiple pulp making experiences, and is made of stainless steel blades and wear-resistant chrome plated liners. It can circulate and stir the pulp chest to ensure that the pulp is in a suspended state.


Leizhan Company has always focused on innovation and technological research and development, continuously launching new products to improve pulp quality, and has won widespread market recognition and praise. Email: buypapermachine@gmail.com