Low Density Cleaner in Paper Field,Low Density Cleaner for 250TPD Corrugated Paper Project    

Low Density Cleaner in Paper Field

The Low Density Cleaner performs well when handling high-consistency pulp, effectively separating fibers and impurities and maintaining fiber integrity during operation. Low Density Cleaner’s efficient slag removal ability and stable performance make it a leader in the field of pulp cleaning and has been widely recognized and praised.


Advantages of Low Density Cleaner

1. The Low Density Cleaner can protect the integrity of the fiber during the slag removal process and avoid fiber loss or damage caused by excessive cleaning.
2. The Low Density Cleaner is suitable for various types of pulp, including wood pulp, waste paper pulp, etc., and has a wide range of applications.
3. Both coarse and fine sieves are available, and can be either open or closed. The number of cones on the Low Density Cleaner can also be adjusted.


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